Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance
ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.4

Meeting Documents

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ASHRAE members have free access to research project final reports. Non-ASHRAE members can purchase research reports for $30 per article from the ASHRAE Bookstore found at this link.

Recently Completed Projects

RP 1365 - Thermal Performance of Building Envelope Details for Mid‐ and High‐Rise Buildings (Final Report)
RP 1325 - Environmental Weather Loads for Hygrothermal Analysis and Design of Buildings - (Final report)
RP 1235 - Nature, Significance, and Control of Solar Driven Vapor Diffusion in Wall Systems (Final Report)
RP1091 - Development of Design Strategies for Rainscreen Sheathing Membrane Performance in Wood Frame Walls (Final Report)
RP 1018 - A Thermal and Moisture Transport Property Data Base for Common Building and Insulating Materials (Final Report)
RP 905 - Catalog of Thermal Property Data  (Final Report)
RP 904 - Characterization of Framing Factors for New Low-Rise Residential Building Envelopes (Final Report)


Presentations from TC sponsored seminars can be downloaded here, if available.